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Easy like Sunday morning.

Simple and inexpensive Health Spending Account (HSA) benefit plans for Canadian businesses of all sizes.

A Health Spending Account (HSA) benefit plan can save your business money, protect and reward your employees, and reduce your personal health care costs.

You do enough already.

Selecting an HSA provider shouldn't be so hard

Some HSA providers seek to maximize their profits through complicated HSA structures and hidden fees, or by enabling customers to operate in tax “grey areas” without proper CRA safeguards.

You don’t have time to wade through HSA and hybrid-HSA offerings, tiered pricing, quotes and sales pitches, or scour the CRA’s website to reconcile conflicting and inaccurate information.

All HSAs in Canada cover the exact same employee health expenses. The real difference between HSA providers in Canada is plan cost and structure.

Let's make this easy. We offer:

For incorporated and unincorporated employers. No up-selling or unnecessary add-on insurance products, no arbitrary employer divisions, and no ambiguity when it comes to regulatory compliance.

Only prudent third-party administration of one-size-fits-all health spending accounts (also known as Private Health Services Plans or ‘PHSPs’) that help you ensure continued CRA eligibility:

  1. Commitment-free service agreement that can help you demonstrate to the CRA that your HSA meets the requirements of a self-insured PHSP.
  2. ‘Reasonable’ HSA plan maximums dependent on business type and employee category.
  3. CRA-friendly shareholder inclusion criteria and plan settings.
  4. Applicable provincial taxes are collected and remitted by us (not you).
  5. Plan policy holders (employees) are adequately informed and have unfettered access.

Are you eligible?

We are exclusively a pay-as-you-go provider that charges a rock-bottom 5% administration fee on approved claims plus applicable taxes. If there are no claims made in a year then you pay nothing. We have no sign-up fees, no fees to add employees, no annual fees, no transaction fees for employees, no hidden fees, and no plan minimums or tiered pricing. We also don’t hold any of your money in our bank accounts. Up-front deposits are one of the hidden costs of HSA plans in Canada. Assuming a conservative 7% return on investment, the opportunity cost of holding your money in their bank account year after year will alone exceed our fees! Wondering if a flat-rate annual fee could be more cost effective? For most plan holders it isn’t (which is why some providers offer one).
When your employee (or you) submits an eligible health receipt, we invoice your company for that amount plus our industry-leading 5% administration fee and applicable taxes. Claims can be submitted online through our website using your computer or smartphone (using your smartphone you can upload your receipt by taking a picture of it). You can also add our claim form as an app on your phone to make claim submission even easier. Once we receive payment from your company, we reimburse your employee 100% of their eligible claim amount directly into their bank account, and provide your company a receipt so the full amount can be written off as a business expense. Easy peezy lemon squeezy.
No salespeople, no quotes, no complicated pricing, and no uncertainty about your company eligibility, your shareholder eligibility, your sales tax liability, or how employee categories and plan limits should be set up. We’ll guide you through the necessary steps to confirm that your business is eligible. We will also help you set up your HSA benefits to be compliant with Canada Revenue Agency best practices, flagging anything along the way that might pose an issue. You won’t even need to speak with anyone on the phone. Get Started

Try us out and cancel at any time, for any reason, and with zero penalty. There is no risk whatsoever – we don’t charge cancellation fees, ongoing fees, or hold any of your money in our accounts. We’re confident in our service, so we don’t need to lock our customers into a contract.

We don’t complicate things or encourage you to operate in a Canada Revenue Agency “grey-zone” by offering hybrid HSA-insurance products, by poorly (or in some cases incorrectly) structuring your HSA plan, or by leaving it up to you to remit the applicable provincial taxes.

Nor do we leave it up to you to figure out if and how you will be able to demonstrate to the CRA that you meet all of their requirements. We take a conservative approach to setting up our customers’ HSAs, and offer guidance through our plan set up and in our service agreement to help you ensure that your HSA is never deemed ineligible (and thus subject to payroll source deductions and penalties).

We also screen your employee health receipts for fraudulent claims.

Get the most return on your health investment with industry-leading management fees, and time-saving plan set up and management. 

If you have employees, we will also help you communicate your HSA benefit plan to them so that they appreciate its awesome benefits, but without encouraging them to unnecessarily overuse it.

Like our biggest competitor Olympia Benefits, we can turn your and your employees’ health expenses into a business write-off. But unlike our competitors, we do so at a fraction of the cost, with no long-term commitment, no up-front fees, and exclusively standard CRA-friendly HSAs

Are we too good to be true?

Nope!   Our focus is simplicity, integrity, and fiscal prudence – we have no salespeople, no referral networks, no investors, and very low overhead. It’s just good business practice, not rocket science.

Is this a ‘plain-vanilla’ service?

You bet!   And just like vanilla ice cream, our Health Spending Accounts are a reliable choice, lack unnecessary and expensive frills, and have broad appeal among employers and employees.